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Thermarest Vela™ HD Double Quilt

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RRP: 265.00

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Looking for luxury while stargazing on your front country adventures? The Thermarest Vela™ HD Quilt delivers the ultimate warmth and comfort with high loft 650-fill Nikwax® Hydrophobic Down, full-perimeter side baffles to protect from drafts, hanging draft tubes on sides and bottom, elasticized footbox and snaps for easy mating with another Therm-a-Rest quilt, blanket or sheet. Simply put, if you're still using a sleeping bag in warm weather and roadside camping destinations, it's time to switch to the Vela to up your comfort game with freedom to move and easily regulate your temperature as you like, all night long.

Vela (Latin for the sails of a ship) is a constellation in the southern sky. It is sometimes mistaken for the Southern Cross.

PLEASE NOTE: Thermarest Dimension are for the girth of the sleeping bag.



• Reliable: Lightweight, 650-fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down packs small and stays dry longer and dries faster than regular down.
• Added Warmth: ThermaCapture seams help retain radiant heat for added warmth.
• Draft Protection: Full-perimeter side baffles.
• Secure: Elasticized, insulated footbox keeps feet warm and keeps your quilt in place.
• Build a System: Perimeter snap loops and included loop kit mate with another Therm-a-Rest mattress, quilt, sleeping bag, blanket or sheet.
• Includes external snap pocket, stuff sack and compartmental storage sack.

Product Specification
• Bag Construction: Box-Baffled Construction
Fill Power: 650Fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down
Fill Weight: 514 g
Max Height of Person: 193 cm
Shoulder Width of Bag: 182 cm
Foot Width of Bag: 142 cm
Overall Bag Weight: 1275 g