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Welcome to the new Down Sleeping Bag website. Our hope is that you will find it easier to navigate and more importantly that the data on each bag is more clearly laid out.

We believe if you're looking for the ultimate in comfort and performance for those cold nights out in the elements, there's nothing like a down sleeping bag to ensure a perfectly restful sleep giving your body a chance to regenerate in preparation for the following days exertions. It's a well-known fact that if you sleep better, you're sure to have more energy and enthusiasm for the next day.

Modern technology has produced some excellent man-made fibres, which have resulted in the development of some really compact and lightweight sleeping bags but there's still no comparison with a down sleeping bag when you are looking for super-light performance. The advent of Hydrophobic Down has also largely negated the only real drawback of down bags, their resistance to the effects of damp.

We believe that when thinking about a sleeping solution, that you should consider the sleeping bag and sleeping mat together both from a pack size and weight point of view as well as the combined thermal performance. For this reason we are also offering sleeping mats from Thermarest and Exped.

If all the jargon associated with sleeping bags leaves you cold and confused, then try our FAQ section where we have done our best to make the facts as clear and straight forward as possible.

Criterion Traveller 650 Sleeping Bag

Criterion Traveller 650 Sleeping Bag

RRP 360.00 Our Price 309.00